Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pfizer Fellow Joins HOPE in South Africa

Project HOPE is privileged to welcome Michael Pastoor and his family to South Africa. Michael is participating in Pfizer’s Global Health Fellows Program where Pfizer loans its most valuable asset, its people, to non-profit organisations such as Project HOPE.

Each year, Pfizer deploys up to 50 talented colleagues to work on high-impact, capacity building projects. The focus is on sustainability, so Fellows are selected in part for their strengths in teaching and training and their willingness to see their work carried on by local teams.

Michael has joined the Project HOPE South Africa team specifically to help establish Project HOPE’s signature program in South Africa – The HOPE Centre – a community based initiative focusing on the holistic prevention, early detection, care and treatment of people with or at risk of developing a chronic disease.

Thanks for reading and please check back soon for more information on this exciting new development here in South Africa. -Stefan

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